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However you call a virtual assistance professional -- remote staff, virtual secretary or online assistant -- JustGO Virtual Assistant offers you a wide range of services that can excellently be delivered wherever you are in the world. Our team is a pool of professionals who specialize in administrative support, copywriting, web development, marketing and other business processes.

Outsourcing JustGO Virtual Assistant services is as good as hiring a group of professionals in diverse fields of expertise.
To recieve your free one-week virtual assistant services, please fill out the fields below and choose a plan. Your free trial includes ONE hour a day for 5 days of dedicated virtual assistance.

JustGO offers a wide range of packages, from a flexible hourly plan to a full-time dedicated assistant (what we recommend). Choose which one suits your needs best. All plans under Virtual Assistant Services offer a generous free one-week (5 days) trial and a cancel anytime policy.*

Please note that your credit card will not be charged until the 7th day following your signup, ensuring a full 5 days of free service, with an allowance of 2 days in case you decide to cancel. We need your billing information to verify there's room to charge your first two weeks should you decide to continue our services. This prevents any interruption in service and helps to keep everything seamless. Your credit card is secure as we use Paypal. You can cancel anytime prior to the end of your trial and you will not be charged.**

Other services, such as Creative and Web Development Services, are available for competitive rates
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