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About Us

Founded in 2007, JustGO Virtual Assistants offer high quality off-site business support services to small business, entrepreneurs, independent professionals, associations, large organizations and international companies considering cost effective means of business support services.

Located in Memphis, TN, we extend our service across the globe utilizing electronic technology like phone, fax, Internet, CD, diskette and other memory devices to communicate and transfer data. Using this technology, we provide our customers business support services like project management, bookkeeping and personal services, as administrative office for International companies and office solutions for small business entrepreneurs.

Combined with extensive training in office procedures and work experiences in Administrative Support, Shauntay Prewitt works with her team of highly skilled professionals to offer the clients consistent and reliable service. With over 20 years of experience, our professionals in related fields are detail oriented, efficient and committed to provide highest quality of service to ensure total customer satisfaction.

JustGO Virtual Assistant believes strongly in building lasting relationships with our customers, understanding them and meeting their needs to move ahead together. Our vision is to provide value at reasonable prices.

Our Mission

"As virtual assistants, our mission is to virtually serve our clients by providing high quality professionalism and reliable service, ensuring client's satisfaction while continuously striving to exceed the client’s expectation.”


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