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Clients Feedback

“JustGo is fast becoming my right hand. I’'m relying on them more and more, and they always comes through. They’re courteous, professional and get things done promptly.” 
Leonard B., Pennsylvania

"Shauntay is a detail oriented manager and a true team player. She remains proactive and we consider her to be a true asset to our organization." Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, On Time
Michael P., New York

"I'd like you to know I'm delighted with the job that my virtual assistant is doing. I can't imagine my business life without JustGO VA. "Shauntay [my virtual assistant] is amazing."   
B. Watkins, New York

"My virtual assistant is nothing short of magnificent. What is most remarkable about her is her level of motivation and commitment to my company. She has a stick with-it attitude that I haven't seen before. My virtual assistant is better than I could have ever imagined.
John R., Tennessee

"As a busy business owner and mom, the services Cassandra of JustGO Virtual Assistant offers are invaluable. She tackles scheduling with mad organizational skills and handles small jobs with strong focus and professionalism. Her dedication to the task and amazing follow through has saved me time, money and anxiety on multiple occasions." 
Lisa M., New York

I strongly recommend Shauntay and JustGO Virtual Assistant.  We have a wonderful working relationship and all of my projects get done efficiently and most importantly, accurately.  JustGO Virtual Assistant is a highly professional company.  I am confident that any assignments I ask for are in good hands.  If you want peace of mind, use JustGO Virtual Assistant!  
Josh K., New York

“Shauntay is executive assistant to one of my PR clients, and as such, the way she conducts business on his behalf has an impact on his public image. My experience has been that Shauntay is always on the ball, responds quickly and professionally to calls and questions, and consistently represents my client in a positive way. She's a pleasure to work with, and having her in the "front office," even if it's virtual, is definitely an asset to my client.”
Wendy G., Georgia

“S. Hampton Prewitt is a powerhouse as a virtual assistant, and so much more. She is extremely organized and remains on task no matter what the obstacles. Ms. Prewitt is often given challenging assignments to tackle and execute, and always come through with flying colors, no matter what level of work or discovery is asked of her. I would recommend her for any project that needs a very hard worker who is dedicated to getting the job done well, while keeping a lot of balls in the air at the same time and managing multiple tasks flawlessly.”
Alexis G., New York

“Shauntay provided professional services for my coaching platform and I was very pleased with the results. She is punctual, thorough, trustworthy and creative. I would definitely utilize her services again in the future, and highly recommend her to colleagues and clients.”
Candace J., Georgia




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