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Security Policy

We know that in order for you to trust us with your sensitive information, such as financial, personal, or client information, we have to be on the ball with security. So, we take it seriously... very seriously. We believe there is no such thing as being too careful with our client's information - from credit card numbers to email addresses.

We have a secured network. No one will be able to hack into our network and steal your information. That would be impossible because we don't store important information on our computers. But also because we take measures to make sure that our network is safe from attack and hacking.

We shred everything. Always erring on the side of caution, we shred all client documents before recycling it.

We have a Non-Disclosure Agreement. Our policy is to not discuss our clients outside of work... we have a Non-Disclosure Agreement to reassure you that we will not share any of your information unless you have given us a task assignment that requests us to do so.

Finally, all our employees must pass background checks. We have a careful screening process; demonstrating responsibility and good judgment is just part of what it takes to become a JustGO Virtual Assistant.



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