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Affiliate Opportunities

Business ventures and partnerships can create big boosts in business. A strong alliance is priceless. Our virtual assistant company believes that great alliances are built on communication, trust and understanding.

If you own a website, facebook page or write a blog that attracts busy executives, entrepreneurs or other individuals interested in increasing their personal productivity and you would like to earn some extra money, we invite you to join our Social Marketing Program. There is absolutely no cost for you to participate, just put our special logo on your website.

Sign up for our Social Marketing Program today and earn 10% from every new client that results from our logo being placed on your site.. In addition to the commission payment from the initial purchase, JustGo Virtual Assistants has a residual opportunity for you.

How does this residual opportunity work?

After you first five referrals, you are elgible for our Affiliate Program. For every retainer client that you refer, we will pay you a 20% commision of the intial payment and an additonal 5% of their retainer costs thereafter for the duration of their contract. Here's an example of how it works:

Company A refers Company B to JustGO Virtual Assistant. Company B purchases a retainer for $1,190. Company B signs a 6 month contract. Company A will receive $238.00 once Company B pays their first invoice and for the next 5 months Company A will receive $59.85. So for that 1 referral Company A has earned $596.75 for just sending Company B to JustGO Virtual Assistant.

We use PayPal, the largest and most respected payment network, to process timely commission payments to you.



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