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JustGO Virtual Assistants generally charge by the hour, at rates ranging from $35 - 25, or by packaging plans.  You are able to pick which is better for you based upon the expertise required and the level of assistance needed. You should expect to pay more, of course, for specialized services such as Web site design, and Bookkeeping.

At first glance this may appear to be a high rate, but let's look at the "real cost" of employees: statistics show that employees actually cost up to 2 1/2% times their rate of pay when one factors in cost of :

  1. Recruitment,
  2. Base salary,
  3. Employment taxes,
  4. Mandatory insurance,
  5. Benefits,
  6. Space,
  7. Equipment.

And don't forget the variables that are more difficult to price:

  1. Time lost on socializing,
  2. The risk of lawsuits,
  3. Personality conflicts,

There is also the expense of hiring the employee in the first place. Advertising, screening resumes, interviewing, re-interviewing, and paying two people for the training period. If you face the unpleasant experience of having to fire an employee, you have to go through the process all over again.

You're sure to pay considerably less for a virtual assistant. You could hire a VA for as little as one hour a week. Could you hire an employee for that?

Contracting out to a VA is a cost effective way to handle those office administrative tasks.

Package Pricing
(per month)

Plan Name

Included Hours

Hourly Rate*

Total Price


40 Hours


 $           1,200.00


80 Hours


 $            2,100.00


120 Hours


 $            3,000.00


160 Hours


 $           3,500.00

An Additional $399 per plan For a 24/7 Assistant
*Hourly Rate Above denotes rate that will be charged if plan hours are exceeded

Included with all Plans:

  • Dedicated Virtual Assistant - You always deal with 'Your' Assistant (unless otherwise notified in advance)
  • Dedicated US phone number of your local area code to speak to the Assistant
  • Unlimited outbound calling facility for your Assistant - Unlimited number of calls to anyone on your behalf!
  • Email/ Chat/Text messengers to reach your assistant during typical business hours

Need help with our plans? Please contact info@justgova.com.

Service Details:

  • We accept payments by Credit cards, Bank wire transfers & more. If your preferred method of payment is not listed, contact us & we will help you out.
  • Services will start within two business days of signup. We also consider special requests for starting the services immediately without any extra charges to you.
  • Your Primary VA assigned to you is available 5 days a week during the time zone you pick. On a 24/7 requirement additional VA staff will be allocated.
If your task requires VA's with special skills which need a special certification or technical degree, additional charges may apply. Contact us for a quote for your custom requirements



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