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Case Studies

Certified Hypnotherapist

I realized almost immediately after completing my training that I needed to have a website set up. The reason was because I was offered the opportunity of writing a column for a popular astrological site and my column included a question answer section. Since it reached people worldwide, I realized I needed a way for people to contact me and read about me and my work that didn't include them calling me at any time of the day or night.

After my site had been in place for a while when I decided that I needed a Shopping Cart System: my practice includes telephone sessions with clients and recorded sessions they can purchase. My VA helped me with the payments procedures necessary for this to run smoothly. So my Virtual Assistant supports my business - handles all my shopping cart issues, client list and mailing to my clients as well as changes to my website for me. During the course of time I have come to depend on my Virtual PA more and more because it has made it so much easier for me to do what I do best, and that is hypnotherapy and counselling.

Professional speaker

I've been using a VA for several years and at first when I was travelling and needed a virtual secretary to take messages etc. and when I was developing product and needed to source various people such as desk top publishers. I also needed help with redesigning my website and designing promotional flyers. Now my Virtual Assistant is also answering calls and taking messages in my absence, managing my website, creating book layout and producing promotional flyers. It is great to know that when I need to outsource tasks I can get different people to contact me with a quote and a chat, so that I can choose.

Leadership and Team Development Consultant

Since starting my business I have always had some administration support. Originally I looked in the local paper for people who advertised this type of contract support service. The level of support required has increased and the type of projects has become more varied i.e. beyond just typing to: diagnostic support, client liaison, project management, research, personal assistance etc.

Running a small business means you have many hats to handle at once. For five years I have been working with my VA and I now have the flexibility and support I need when I need it. I have always found her to be reliable, accurate, prompt, flexible and this always comes with a smile and helpfulness that makes working together a joy.

Business directory owner

There have been a number of times I realised this, however in the last two years, my attitude to new projects has been "how can I get someone else to work on this"? This decreased my workload dramatically and the results are much better than I could have done. Initially the support was editing our magazine, administering our conference and then my email newsletter.. Now my VA puts together the magazine and has done for the last 2 years, but now does so much more, including transcribing workshop recordings for us.

I love having a VA work with me. It's cheaper than hiring a staff member, or in my case, multiple staff members for the various tasks I outsource. Each of my VAs are experts in what they do, which is why I've chosen them. They also produce amazing results that help my business grow.

Speaker and Author

Once my business started to grow, I wanted to free my time to work on my business and only do activities that I enjoyed. Bookkeeping and basic administration are definitely not what I wanted to do. Initially my VA did book keeping, database set-up, general typing on an irregular basis. Now my VA support is constant and a permanent member of my team. I now have database management, PowerPoint design for my presentations, product creation, i.e. e-books, e-courses etc., website maintenance. e-newsletter set-up, broadcast emails.

I found my VA via a networking breakfast a few years ago and my business would never be where it is today without the support of my VA. You cannot run a profitable and thriving business without support. If you're doing everything yourself, you're crazy. You need to free up your time to concentrate on business development and improvement, not keep busy on £18+ per hour tasks.



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